11 Ltr - Freshwater Pressure Pump

  • 11 Ltr - Freshwater Pressure Pump

    The ideal pump for providing freshwater on pleasure craft up to approx. the 10 metre range. 3 chamber automatic pressure pump gives flow up to 2.9 Gallons per minute (11 litres per minute) and pressure to 50 PSI.

    Serves up to 3 outlets including galley, shower and additional faucet. The Par-Max 2.9 gives very smooth water flow even at low demand due to it’s built-in pulsation dampening by-pass valve which controls unwanted cycling and reduces noise.
    Corrosion resistant motor, soft rubber mounts, plug-in ports are included. 2 x 12mm barbed for hose, 2 x 1/2” male thread. 12 or 24 volt. 25 PSI cut-in, 50 PSI cut-out pressure.

    • 11 litres per minute 50 PSI A Quiet operation
    • Can be run dry for extended periods A Self primes to 2 metres (6 ft)
    • Built-in bypass lowers pulsation A No need for an accumulator
    Pump Par-Max 2.9 GPM 12v
    $189.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Pump Par-Max 2.9 GPM 24v
    $209.00 EA (ex. GST)