Aquasignal Series 40 Tri-Lights

  • Aquasignal Series 40 Tri-Lights

    Mast top mounted combination lights with quick-fit mounting system. Suitable for all vessels under 20 metres in length. These lights are approved worldwide. Minimum visibility range of two nautical miles for a coloured lens and three nautical miles for a clear lens. They are manufactured from black glass reinforced polycarbonate with polished stainless steel screens and mounting bracket.


    Tri-colour light. Combines port, starboard and stern light
    Tri-white light. Combines port, starboard, stern and anchor light

    Standard light size : 130mm total height x 90mm width x 80mm depth.
    Supplied with 12V bulb. Purchase optional 24v bulb if 24v required

    Nav Light-40 Tricolour QF
    $349.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Nav Light-40 Tri-White QF
    $445.01 EA (ex. GST)