Bel-Ray Marine JS-2 2-Stroke Engine Oil 1 Litre

  • Bel-Ray Marine JS-2 2-Stroke Engine Oil 1 Litre 99722-BT1 99722-BT1

    An NMMA certified TC-W3 engine oil that is specifically formulated to meet the needs of all outboards and Personal Watercraft's (PWC) including direct fuel-injected engines in extreme marine operating conditions.

    Bel-Ray Marine JS-2 two-stroke engine oil far exceeds the performance of leading competitors and the industry's TC-W3 standard.


    • For use in all water cooled two-stroke petrol powered outboards and PWC's. Including direct injection and pre-mix applications specifying the use of an NMMA TC-W3 rated oils.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Superior lubrication - extends engine life and provides better wear protection/superior lubricity when compared to other leading TC-W3 oil brands. Reduces cylinder and ring wear.
    • Excellent deposit control - clean burning for reduced deposits and improved idle quality, provides superior protection against scuffing, ring sticking, and carbon build-up.
    • Excellent anti-rust protection.
    • Meets and exceeds NMMA TC-W3 specifications and will not void your engines warranty where a TC-W3 oil is recommended.
    $13.22 EA (ex. GST)