Bilge Pump Hose - Cut Length

  • Bilge Pump Hose - Cut Length

    Black spiral reinforced suction hose with excellent flexibility and smooth internal bore; ideal for installations requiring tight bends.

    This hose is suitable for suction lines, bilge pump discharge, toilet installations and other applications. Not suitable for use with fuels or drinking water.

    Supplied in cut lengths per metre in sizes 32mm to 50mm. Size shown is the inside diameter of the hose.

    Hose Flexi 32mm-Cut Lngth
    $18.50 MTR (ex. GST)
    Hose-Flexi 38mm-Cut Lngth
    $22.00 MTR (ex. GST)
    Hose-Flexi 50mm Cut Metre
    $28.45 MTR (ex. GST)