Bluefin Underwater LED Boat Light RGBW WIFI DMX Controller

  • Bluefin Underwater LED Boat Light RGBW WIFI DMX Controller JPW12405 RGBW-CC

    The Bluefin LED RGBW WIFI DMX Controller is designed for use with V24CC-M24CC-H48CC-S48CC-GW48CC Colour Change series underwater light range.

    With the DMX controller, you can link up to 90 lights together to synch via an Ethernet cable link that runs from driver to driver.

    The controller is packed with features and allows users to select the desired colour via the glass touchpad and colour wheel.

    In-built WIFI connection enables you to connect directly from your iPhone/Android or tablet or by linking into an existing WIFI network.

    Additionally you can group lights in different colours around your boat and use the Sound to Music function via your smart phone or tablet.

    You can also preset colour choices in a variety of styles including a flashing strobe for fishing, safety panic mode for emergencies and dimming possiblities.

    Product Features: 

    • 12/24V
    • Terminal link and five meter connection cable supplied
    • Two-year warranty
    $877.35 EA (ex. GST)