Boat Fender & Lanyard - White with Black Tops

  • Boat Fender & Lanyard - White with Black Tops

    Top quality heavy duty inflatable UV resistant PVC fenders. Manufactured in Holland in the classic European style, this range has black reinforced star pattern heads and come complete with silver rope lanyard spliced onto the eye of the fender.

    Available in a range of sizes to suit any size vessel, each fender is suppled deflated for shipping but can be inflated easy via an air compressor or a bike pump adaptor fitting. See related products.

    Each fender is complete with 2mtrs of silver rope lanyards spliced onto the eye of the fender, ready to use.

    How to use fenders and buoys

    Fenders are designed for protection of your boat. Fenders are placed on the spots where the boat can contact another boat or dock by movement. Well placed the fender will protect your boat for damage.

    The size of the needed fender depends on the size of the boat. On average six fenders are needed for good protection. Our fenders and buoys require minimal maintenance. Wash them with clean water and if dirty with water and soap.

    With proper use, the fenders can protect your boat for more than forty years.

    Easy inflation and deflation

    In all our fenders and buoys we use an unique strong brass valve for easy inflation and deflation. The best way to inflate a fender is pushing air pressure from a compressor with a flat head against the valve and the fender will inflate.

    It is also possible to inflate the fender with a bicycle and/or car pump with the special adaptor. Please do not use a handset with a pin to inflate, because this pin can damage the valve. The best inflation pressure is 0.2 bar.

    This is the pressure where it is possible to press the body of the fender visible easy with your flat hand. For deflating just push a pen slightly in the valve to let the air out. Due to extreme whether conditions the air pressure in the fender can change.

    We advise to check the pressure and shape of your fenders.

    Spare valve

    You can replace the valve with turning in a bolt M3 (or a woodscrew) and pull it out with a pair of tongs. After inspecting you can push a valve back in the tube with your hand or a pen.

    Fender Size
    (mm) (L x D)
    Lanyard Rope Size
    450 x 120 8mm x 2 Mtr
    580 x 150 8mm x 2 Mtr
    600 x 180 10mm x 2 Mtr
    620 x 210 10mm x 2 Mtr
    700 x 240 12mm x 2 Mtr
    900 x 300 12mm x 2 Mtr
    • Oversize Product
    Fender & Lanyard - White/Black 120x450mm
    $31.75 EA (ex. GST)
    Fender & Lanyard - White/Black 150x580mm
    $41.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Fender & Lanyard - White/Black 180x600mm
    $49.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Fender & Lanyard - White/Black 210x620mm
    $59.50 EA (ex. GST)
    Fender & Lanyard - White/Black 240x700mm
    $78.90 EA (ex. GST)
    Fender & Lanyard - White/Black 300x900mm
    $124.00 EA (ex. GST)