3M Marine Products

Whether you're putting a protective coat of wax on your hull, protecting your vinyl seats or removing years of oxidation from your top-sides, feel confident that 3M Marine Wax and Maintenance products will help you achieve the same results the professionals do.

See below for a full listing of 3M products.

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  • 3M 05824 Flowable Finish Glaze 710mm M05824

    Two-component, stain-free, tack-free, self-leveling repair putty. Designed for use as a skin coat over plastic filler to fill pinholes, sand scratches, low areas or other imperfections.

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    $40.04 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $40.04
  • 3M 06025 High Gloss Gelcoat Compond 4.53kg M06025

    3M 06025 contains no wax or silicone and leaves a high gloss finish without swirl/wheel marks. Paste compound is designed to quickly remove P600 dual action or 1000 wet sanding scratches from production gelcoat. It has a unique formulation which reduces slinging while buffing.

    $177.18 CAN (ex. GST)
    RRP: $177.18
  • 3M 09034 Boat Wash 473ml M09034 09034

    3M Perfect-it Boat Wash is a professional strength concentrate, making up to 16 gallons to safely clean a variety of boat surfaces.

    $30.15 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $30.15
  • 3M 2138 Particulate Disc Filters - Pair M2138

    These particulate filters provide protection for personnel exposed to solid particulates, non-volatile aerosols and nuisance level odours or acid gases.Used with either the 3M 6000/7500 series half face piece or the 3M 6000/7000 series full face piece.

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    $19.80 PR (ex. GST)
    RRP: $19.80
  • 3M Boat Wash 946ml 09035 M09035 09035

    The 3M Perfect-it Boat Wash is a professional strength concentrate that makes up to 16 gallons for cleaning a variety of boat surfaces. 

    $49.13 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $49.13
  • 3M Compound & Finishing Material 6044 946ml M6044

    This liquid compound and finishing material is designed to remove a P600 or P800 dual action sand scratch from gelcoat, with a wool pad. Designed to be used with an air or electric buffer (1500-2500 rpm) equipped with a 3M™ Compounding Buff Pads.

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    $104.72 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $104.72
  • 3M Filter Retainer 501 -5925 Filter M501

    Used to hold 3M™ Particulate Filters 5N11 and 5P71/07194(AAD) in place on top of 3M™ Respirators 5000 Series and 3M™ Cartridges 6000 Series.

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    $106.87 PR (ex. GST)
    RRP: $106.87
  • 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant - 5200

    3M 5200 high performance polyurethane marine adhesive is idea for applications where a fast long term seal is needed above or below the waterline, such as hull to deck seams, wood to fiberglass, marine hardware and hull and stern joints. Remains flexible, allowing structural movement and has excellent resistance to weathering and the marine environment.

    From $28.49 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Marine Oil & Fuel Absorbent Bilge Pillow M29026

    The 3M oil and fuel absorbent pillow will contain up to 2 litres of oil and fuel from the bilge, or drip tray. Floats on water and will not disintegrate even if left for months. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations when saturated.
    Size L400mm x W180mm.

    $15.40 EA (ex. GST)
    RRP: $15.40
  • 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner and Restorer 09029 500mL M9029

    Cleans, shines, conditions and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. Deep cleans dirt and grime, enhances appearance. Restores natural sheen, protects surfaces. Fresh lemon scent.

    $33.88 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $33.88
  • 3M Perfect-It Boat Wax

    3M Perfect-It Boat Wax is formulated with caranuba wax to provide a brilliant gloss and durable protection from the elements.

    From $30.15 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Heavy Cut Compound

    3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound quickly removes heavy scratches, oxidation, water marks, and other defects from gelcoat while leaving a high gloss finish.

    From $50.25 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cut Polish and Wax

    3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish and Wax removes minor defects (light scratches, oxidation, chalk, water marks). It also provides a durable protective wax with a high gloss.

    From $30.15 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cut Compound

    3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound and Wax removes major defects (scratches, oxidation, chalking, water marks) while also providing a durable protective wax with a high gloss.

    From $36.18 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Performance Masking Tape

    Natural colored crepe paper. A general purpose masking tape for holding, bundling, sealing, general paint masking and a vast number of other jobs where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed.

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    From $3.61 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Quick Release Adaptor 05752 5/8-Inch Thread M5752

    This 3M polisher adaptor features a 5/8" thread and is used to quickly connect and disconnect double sided buffing pads.

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    $66.61 EA (ex. GST)
    RRP: $66.61
  • 3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Tread

    3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Tread is a mineral-coated self adhesive material designed to improve traction on slippery or wet surfaces. 

    From $169.40 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner 600gm M557807

    Cleaner and polish for stainless steel and suitable for use with microfibre cloths.

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    $24.39 CAN (ex. GST)
    RRP: $24.39
  • 3M Step & Ladder Tread

    3M™ Safety Walk™ Rolls and Strips are ideal for helping prevent slips and falls. Safety Walk ? comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials.

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    From $35.64 (ex. GST)
  • 3M Stikit Disc Pad 05576 6-Inch M05576

    Designed with a tough durable foam body for long pad life. 45° tapered edge for ease of sanding on contoured surfaces. Maximum 10,000 RPM.
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    $69.30 EA (ex. GST)
    RRP: $69.30
  • 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compond 39004 473ml M39004

    Super duty compound. Entry Level Rubbing Compound. Aggressive compound that removes 1000 and finer sanding scratches on all types of paint surfaces.

    $33.88 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $33.88
  • 3M Superbuff Polishing Pad Yellow 203mm M05705 05705

    The 3M Superbuff Polishing Pad is designed for use with a polisher and a glaze.

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    $56.50 EA (ex. GST)
    RRP: $56.50
  • Clean & Shine 09033 500mL M9033

    Quick and easy, spray on/wipe off product that recaptures that just waxed look and feel.

    $22.09 BTL (ex. GST)
    RRP: $22.09
  • Fibreglass Cleaner & Wax

    3M Marine Fibreglass Cleaner & Wax removes light to medium oxidation to produce a high gloss protective finish. Available in 473ml and 3.78L bottles.

    From $26.57 (ex. GST)
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