Digital Chain Counters

  • Digital Chain Counters

    Watertight, dash mount instrument with large LCD indicating a vast range of anchoring data. It's supplied as a complete kit including magnetic sensors, making it suitable for any electric windlass.

    All the Quick winches are supplied with the sensors already installed.

    The versatile surface mounting frame allows for behind dash mounting with only the LCD and function keys visible. A flush mounting version is also available.

    The unit is easy and functional with simple menu system.


    • Simple user-friendly interface
    • Information displayed in 5 different languages
    • Automatic lowering function
    • Up alarm function
    • Locked keys function
    • Ability to control free fall windlass feature
    • Chain speed displayed
    • Supply voltage displayed
    • Equipped with clock/calendar
    • Depth of chain lowered shown in metres or feet
    • Graphic LCD display screen that can be easily read at various angles
    • Backlight display screen with 8 brightness levels
    • 8 different display contrast levels can be set
    • Automatic display contrast compensation according to outside temperature
    • Universal power supply (12/24V DC)
    • Backlight illuminated function keys
    • CAN BUS interface for data transfer
    • Capable of operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures
    • Protection rating IP67 (except for the electric contact are connected)
    Model Mount
    Volts Power
    CHC 1202 M Surface 12/24V 35mA (max)
    CHC 1202 M/F Flush 12/24V 35mA (max)
    Chain Counter - Surface Mount (CHC1202M)
    $742.50 EA (ex. GST)
    Chain Counter - Flush Mount (CHC1202M/F)
    $742.50 EA (ex. GST)