Dog Flotation Device

  • Dog Flotation Device

    The perfect flotation device for best friend. Includes a handle for easy retrieval and comes in sizes to suit everyone from the smallest to largest dogs.

    It comes in an easy-to-spot yellow colour with blues sides and white paw print on the back

    Product Features:

    • Great for your best friend
    • Available in sizes to suit from the smallest to largest dogs
    • Great look, with blue sides and yellow with white paw print on the back
    • All people should wear a PFD, so why not your dog
    • With handle for easy retrieval
    Size Weight Range
    Small Up to 4.5
    Medium 4.5 - 16
    Large 16 - 34
    Extra Large 34+
    Dog Vest - Small 4.5kg
    $23.43 EA (ex. GST)
    Dog Vest - Medium 4.5-16kg
    $27.06 EA (ex. GST)
    Dog Vest - Large 16-34kg
    $40.54 EA (ex. GST)