Eazefill Putty 2.5Kg

  • Eazefill Putty 2.5Kg JPW7739 ABE25

    Eazefill is a high-quality polyester filler designed for boat owners or repairers to use in the filling of holes, cracks and splits in timber and other repairs.

    Its creamy texture makes it easy to apply with no drag and no sag even at high build levels.

    Eazefill is manufactured under vacuum to substantially reduce the incidence of pinholing; and the viscosity, gel and cure are strictly controlled to provide consistent quality.

    This filler exhibits minimal surface tack, easy sanding and good featheredging and provides excellent adhesion over timber, plaster, fibro, concrete, ceramics, metal, fibreglass, aluminium and most rigid materials.


    1. Depending on the material; coarse sand or grind, chip, scrape or chisel the repair surface to provide a key for the Eazefill.
    2. For repairs to rusted metal use Septone Rust Converter to prepare the surface.
    3. Remove all dirt, oil, paint, wax and moisture using Wax and Grease Remover.
    4. Knead the tube of Hardener until the contents become a smooth paste.
    5. Place the required amount of filler onto a clean mixing palette or board made of plastic or metal but not cardboard.
    6. Add 1 part of Hardener to 50 parts of filler by weight (or 1 1/8 teaspoons per cup). Mix thoroughly to a uniform colour.
    7. In order to ensure maximum adhesion to the surface, apply a thin layer of mixed filler to the damaged area using firm pressure.
    8. Apply additional layers, 3mm at a time, using firm pressure to force the product into crevices and to eliminate air pockets formed during mixing.Build up the damaged surface higher than the surrounding areas to allow for subsequent sanding.
    9. The working time is approximately 5 - 6 minutes, depending on the temperature.
    10. The filler will cure to a tack-free surface in approximately 20 minutes, and is then ready for sanding.
    11. Sand with 80 grit, then finish sand with 120 grit. Wear a dust mask when sanding.
    12. Prime the repair prior to topcoating.Refer to the paint manufacturers directions for priming and painting.

    NOTE: The use of insufficient or excessive Hardener may lead to product failure.
    Do not return any of the product (either mixed or unmixed) to the container.

    $73.13 EA (ex. GST)