EuroLED 150 Series Touch Lights - 9-33v

  • EuroLED 150 Series Touch Lights - 9-33v

    The durability and single LED efficiency of Hella Marine EuroLED technology continues with the EuroLED Touch Light.

    Dual colour EuroLED Touch lamps with dimming and remote momentary switch control. Touch the colour pad for ON/OFF, hold finger on the pad to cycle through dimming levels.

    Proven Hella marine touch switching technology makes lighting control beautifully simple. Touch the red pad for red light, the white pad for white light.

    Hold your finger on the pad for more than two seconds and the lamp will cycle through increasing / decreasing intensity levels until the maximum / minimum intensity is achieved.

    Release your finger on the light level required. Power consumption is a low 4W on neutral white or warm white (0.33A @12V) and less than 1.5W on red (less than 0.125A@12V).

    This provides significant energy savings on board, yet each device offers an effective intensity and wide spread of effective illumination and comfortable colour temperatures.

    Available in two versions - 

    • Plastic (2JA 980 630-101)
    • Stainless steel (2JA 980 630-011)
    Lens Material UV resistant enhanced impact acrylic
    Rim Material UV resistant plastic or 316 stainless
    Colour Temperature 3000K (Warm White)
    Cable Pre-wired with 500mm of triple core marine cable
    Operating Voltage Multivolt 9-33V DC
    Power Consumption 4.0W (0.33A@12V / 0.16A@24V)
    Degree of Protection  Completely Sealed
    Weight 245g (including cable)
    Installation Recessed mount
    EuroLED 150 Flush Mnt Red/Wht - S/S Rim
    2JA 980 630-011
    $313.35 EA (ex. GST)
    EuroLED 150 Flush Mnt Red/Wht - White Rim
    2JA 980 630-101
    $279.03 EA (ex. GST)