Freshwater Pressure Pump - Par-Max Plus 6GPM

  • Freshwater Pressure Pump - Par-Max Plus 6GPM

    The Jabsco Par-Max PLUS series Fresh Water pumps offer high pressure 60PSI with exceptional flow and consistent water pressure to easily handle the demand of multiple onboard faucet and shower outlets at one time. These Par-Max PLUS pumps use the latest technology in design and construction to offer exceptional life and service - backed by Jabsco’s 3 year limited warranty.


    • High capacity flow up to 22.7 litres per minute (6 GPM)
    • Sealed automatic pressure switch 60 PSI
    • Co-moulded diaphragm eliminates leak paths
    • High pressure and flow serves up to 5 on-board outlets
    • Large improved soft rubber noise dampening mount feet
    • Large heavy duty motor brushes extend pump life by up to 50%
    • Self priming up to 3 metres
    • Ignition protected motor - 17 Amp Max - use a 20 Amp fuse
    • Plug-in hose ports included - Large pump port size - 2 each 1/2” straight threaded and 1/2" 90 degree threaded ports
    • An inlet pump strainer should be fitted (not included) see our main catalogue page 185 for full details. Fully read the instructions inside the pump box prior to installation and use
    • Available in 12v or 24v versions
    • 3 year Jabsco limited warranty
    Pump Par-Max Par-Max
    Pump Type Diaphram Diaphram
    Diaphram Co-moulded Co-moulded
    Volts 12v 24v
    Amps 17 Amp max 17 Amp max
    Pressure 60 PSI 60 PSI
    Flow Rate 22.7Lpm (6 Gal) 22.7Lpm (5 Gal)
    Vertical Lift 3 meters 3 meters
    Pump - Freshwater - Par-Max Plus 6 12v
    $489.01 EA (ex. GST)
    Pump - Freshwater - Par-Max Plus 6 24v
    $499.00 EA (ex. GST)