Fuel Line Mercury 10mm Old Bayonet Fittings

  • Fuel Line Mercury 10mm Old Bayonet Fittings JPW2172

    Moeller fuel line assembly with old Mercury bayonet fittings to keep your fuel operating at peak performance and insure your outboard motor runs smoothly. Replaces OEM #32-80188A 2

    Includes Moeller Fuel Fittings:

    • 1 x Engine Connector
    • 1 x Tank Connector
    • 1 x Moeller Flow Primer Bulbs
    • 203mm length of Moeller 10mm Hose

    Product Features

    • The Primer bulb provided maximum flow for improved engine performance
    • Petrol and solvent-resistant construction & stainless steel clamps
    • O-ring construction on all fittings ensures tight, leak-free connections
    • Tough, pliable UV-resistant outer hose
    • The primer bulb prevents fuel flow back with internal check valve
    • Provides fittings built to strict OEM specifications for replacement parts

    Scepter Moeller P/N 07483 034388-10

    $62.70 EA (ex. GST)