Hand Held Remote Controls (RRC Models)

  • Hand Held Remote Controls (RRC Models)

    Pocket transmitter used to control your vessel's anchor winches, thrusters, cranes and davits from anywhere on your vessel - giving you the flexibility to step away from the confines of the helm for a better view when docking or have someone else in control.

    • To be used in conjunction with radio receivers
    • Both hand and pocket remotes are IP67 watertight and come with a lanyard
    • Possibility to control more receivers at the same time
    • Two functions can be activated at the same time
    • Floating
    • Operating temperature: -15C to +70C
    • Customised push-button panel with easy-to-apply stickers, available in several standard versions
    • Silicon back-lit buttons
    • Transmitter with non-slip and shock-proof rubber casing
    • Transmitter-holder strap supplied as standard
    • Transmission feedback and battery charge status LED indication
    Model Type Channels
    RRC P02 Pocket Fob 2
    RRC P04 Pocket Fob 4
    Pocket Transmitter P02 (UpDwn)
    $158.03 EA (ex. GST)
    Pocket FOB Transmitter P04 (UpDwn-L-R)
    $191.40 EA (ex. GST)