Hella Marine Nova 3K C+R LED Work Lamp

  • Hella Marine Nova 3K C+R LED Work Lamp H60351 2XM 910 426-101

    The Nova 3K C+R is a universal all-round work lamp that can operate both on built in rechargeable battery or 240V input providing endless application possibilities.

    Featuring the latest LED technology, the Nova 3K C+R delivers 3000 lumens of extremely high light output with a uniform and completely even illumination. The new light dimmer function also makes it possible to adjust the light into five levels. An intelligent display on the back of the lamp indicates battery capacity and remaining operating time, very useful when using for longer periods.

    The robust housing makes the lamp extremely sturdy and impact resistant so ideal for rough, wet and dirty environments. The lamp is also sealed to IP67 so suitable for indoor or outdoor use in all-weather conditions.

    A complete range of accessories including Nova tripod, dual bracket, magnetic mount and scaffolding brackets increase versatility and make the Nova work lamps perfect for all working applications.

    Product features:

    • Wide and even spread illumination
    • Natural light – colour similar to daylight
    • Low current consumption, high efficacy
    • Dimmable for longer battery operation
    • Strong, sturdy and resistant to water, oil and chemicals
    • Intergrated carry handle
    $316.80 EA (ex. GST)