Hella Marine Uni Max Re-chargable LED Work Lamp

  • Hella Marine Uni Max Re-chargable LED Work Lamp H60350 2XM 910 605-001

    The Uni Max is a new, universal work lamp featuring the latest LED technology that produces extremely high light output with a uniform and even illumination. The compact, handy design and rechargeable battery also makes the Uni Max suitable for any kind of application, work or leisure including construction sites, workshops, garages, camping, BBQ’s etc.

    The sturdy housing is made of diecast aluminium and is resistant to impact, shocks and vibrations. The durable construction means the Uni Max is perfect for demanding environments. Uni Max is extremely compact (only 41mm) and light weight so it can be conveniently carried by the integrated handle. Thanks to an adjustable stand that can rotate 180° the Uni Max can be placed in different positions to obtain the desired lighting angle. The stand is also equipped with a hole for wall suspension making it very versatile.

    You can also conveniently charge mobile devices with the extra feature of the built-in power bank with USB outlet.

    Product features:

    • Rechargeable LED work lamp
    • 900 lumen light output
    • 2 step dimming feature for longer operating time
    • Built-in power bank with USB outlet
    • Ultra-slim and compact design
    • Durable construction
    • Handy integrated carrying handle
    • Adjustable positioning
    • Battery charge indicator
    $133.48 EA (ex. GST)