HoseCoil Expandable Hose Kits

  • HoseCoil Expandable Hose Kits

    New from HoseCoil, these expandable deck washdown hose kits are very durable and practical.

    The hose itself is made with a double-layered rubber inner and a durable blue dacron outer cover that feels like polyester rope - making it soft and easy to handle. When not in use, the hose shrinks to a third of its usable length for easy storage.

    The expandable hose kits are colour boxed for retail display and include the hose, brass hose fittings, adjustable trigger spray nozzle and a mesh storage bag.

    The length options mentioned above are when the hose is in its expanded state.

    Product features:

    • Double layer rubber inner hose with durable dacron cover
    • Soft and easy to handle
    • Hose expands up to three times its stored length
    • Includes 3/4" brass female end fitting
    • Includes adjustable spray nozzle with moulded comfort grip
    • Includes nylon and mesh storage bag
    Expandable Hose Kit 7.5m (25ft)
    $79.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Expandable Hose Kit 15m (50ft)
    $109.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Expandable Hose Kit 22.5m (75ft)
    $139.95 EA (ex. GST)