LED Hi-Powered Spotlight 6xLED's 12/24v

  • LED Hi-Powered Spotlight 6xLED's 12/24v RWB6983

    High quality light featuring six high powered LEDs in a compact housing; ideal for use as a docking light, cockpit flood light or spot light.

    It has a white coated anodised cast aluminium frame with adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and stainless steel mounting bolt with washer and nut. 

    It has very bright high Lumen power LEDs (937 Lumens) with low 18 watt power draw. Suitable for 9-36 volts including both 12 and 24 volt.

    Power Light output Dimensions
    (mm) (H x Wx D)
    18w 937 Lumens 105mm x 107mm x 53mm
    $119.90 EA (ex. GST)