LED Interior Strip Lights - Surface Mount

  • LED Interior Strip Lights - Surface Mount

    Hella Marine surface mount strip lamps feature a shallow 10mm profile, completely sealed housings and class leading efficiency.

    Each light provides highly effective illumination with minimal energy use and is ideal for interior or exterior applications.

    Fastenings in each end of the lamp body are covered by snap-on end caps for a clean and modern appearance.

    The housings are precision manufactured from advanced UV resistant acrylic and are completely sealed. 

    Quality twin core marine cable is pre-wired and sealed into each lamp for absolute water tightness, reliable electrical connections and ongoing reliability.

    Hella Supplier Codes -

    • White Light, 12v: 2JA 980 881-002
    • White Light, 24v: 2JA 980 881-102
    • Blue Light, 12v: 2JA 980 881-402
    • Blue Light, 24v: 2JA 980 881-502
    Lens Material: UV resistant enhanced impact acrylic
    Colour Temperature: 5000K
    Dimming: Hella Marine Dimmer 5XA 998 572-001
    Cable: Pre-wired with 500mm of twin core cable
    Operating Voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC
    Interior Power Consumption: < 3.0W ( < 0.25A @ 12V / < 0.16A @ 24V )
    Degree of Protection: Completely Sealed
    Installation: Surface Mount
    Weight: 75g (including cable)
    LED Interior Strip Light White 12v - 285mm
    2JA 980 881-012
    $83.26 EA (ex. GST)
    LED Interior Strip Light White 24v - 285mm
    $76.46 EA (ex. GST)
    LED Interior Strip Light Blue 12v - 285mm
    $76.46 EA (ex. GST)
    LED Interior Strip Light Blue 24v - 285mm
    $76.46 EA (ex. GST)