Narva Remote Control LED Search Light

  • Narva Remote Control LED Search Light

    The powerful Narva Remote Control LED Search Light utilises advanced optics to capture and project light in a strong penetrating beam.

    Dual speed controls allowing for a fast beam adjustment to sweep an area or a slow speed for more precise search and beam focus.

    The compact size allows for installation in aplications where space is limited and a strong ASA plastic resin housing ensures total weather, UV and salt resistance.

    Each light comes supplied with two control options, a weatherproof wireless remote control and a hard-wired remote with joystick for permanent fixture. 

    Note: the joystick control must be installed for wireless remote to function.

    Product Features:

    • 10 x 5W high powered LEDs (6000°K)
    • 360° rotation & 120° tilt
    • Waterproof wireless remote control (65m range)
    • Dual speed (slow/rapid)
    • Weatherproof and UV resistant housing
    • Fully sealed (IP68) LED module
    • Light colour - White (5000 lumens)
    • Available in 12V and 24V
    LED Search Light with R/Control 12v
    $1,395.94 EA (ex. GST)
    LED Search Light with R/Control 24v
    $1,467.53 EA (ex. GST)