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Fuel stored in the fuel tank can damage engines and effect performance

When storing vehicles or equipment between seasons, many people drain the fuel tank creating a host of additional problems as it is impossible to get all the fuel out of the system simply by draining. It generally requires the fuel lines to be blown out otherwise sufficient fuel will remain in the system to gum up the engine. Once drained of fuel, bare metal in the tank and system are exposed to air and moisture causing harmful rust and corrosion to form. Additionally, gaskets tend to dry out and crack leading to leaks when the system is refilled. Draining fuel also creates its own problem in the safe disposal of the fuel in an environmentally friendly manner.

The addition of STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser to fresh fuel will keep it fresh for 12 months. With double the recommended STA-BIL dosage fuel will remain fresh for more than 24 months. The ideal solution for cars and motorcycles not in regular use is to add STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser to a full tank of fresh fuel and be ready to go for a quick start.

JPW Marine would like to advise all our customers to help protect your fuel this winter with Sta-Bil.

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STA-BIL® prevents the separation of fuel and oil in the two-stroke mixture for up to 12 months when added to fresh fuel.


STA-BIL® eliminates the need to drain fuel prior to storage as it prevents fuel system corrosion and prolongs engine life


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