Oceansouth Heavy Duty T-Top

  • Oceansouth Heavy Duty T-Top

    Oceansouth's Heavy Duty T-Top feature a sturdy 44mm aluminium tube with a large radius to give greater structural strength throughout the t-top. 

    This helps spread the ‘load’ evenly across the frame, reducing vibration and structural fatigue while extending the life of the t-top.

    Product Features:

    • 44mm aluminium tube
    • 316 grade stainless steel fasteners.
    • Canvas: 100% dope dyed polyester Atlas canvas
    • Assembly: medium assembly skills required
    Oceansouth Heavy-Duty T-Top Deck Mount Blue with Grey Backing
    MA 080-4B
    $852.70 EA (ex. GST)
    Oceansouth Heavy-Duty T-Top Deck Mount Black with Grey Backing
    MA 080-4BK
    $852.70 EA (ex. GST)