Oxygenator System 500GPH (250)

  • Oxygenator System 500GPH (250) RWB5153

    High performance live bait aerators that circulate and revitalise livewell water.

    They work on the same principal as the air infusor oxygenators. Millions of microfine air bubbles are infused into the livewell water to keep your bait and catch healthy and alive - in a smaller amount of water.

    Suction cups hold the submersible pump to the base of the tank. Foam filtration system on base keeps water sparkling clean.

    Complete kit with pump with extra long pump wiring, air intake hose, alligator battery clips and air control valve. 12 volt only.

    • 500 GPH (1,890 litres per hour) - suits 5Kg of bait
    $224.80 KIT (ex. GST)