3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound 946ml

  • 3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound 946ml M36060 36060

    3M's Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound utilises a unique formula to quickly removes P1200 grade and finer sand scratches and other surface defects.

    This compound is one of the best 3M has to offer in terms of performance, meaning an easier clean up, less sling and powdering and very smooth handling.

    And due to its high-quality formula, this compound will perform better than most other compounds in all conditions, especially hot and humid conditions.

    Product Features:

    • 946ml
    • Form - liquid
    • Type - rubbing compound
    • Colour - tan
    • Manufacturers Part Number - 36060
    $107.65 BTL (ex. GST)