Sea Hawk-XLR LED Floodlight White

  • Sea Hawk-XLR LED Floodlight White

    The Sea Hawk-XLR LED Floodlight delivers 1300 lumens of crisp, concentrated LED illumination that's ideal for a variety of applications.

    The spread lamps illuminate a wide, close-range spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area, while the spot provides a narrower, more concentrated illumination for tuna towers, masts or for forward facing lighting.

    Its XLR housing is made from thermally conductive ceramic polymer that draws heat from internal electronics for reliable long-term operation and eliminates the need for an aluminium housing.

    The Sea Hawk-XLR also comes with the in-built convenience of being able to switch between high level full intensity and low level dimmed output.

    Additionally, its advanced multivolt 9-33V DC electronics ensure reliable illumination and lamp protection even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages.

    Four versions available -

    • White Spot (2LT 980 740-211)
    • Black Spot (2LT 980 740-201)
    • White Spread (2LT 980 740-011)
    • Black Spread (2LT 980 740-001)
    Housing Description ‘Non metal’ thermally conductive polymer housing
    Lens material Grilamid
    Bracket Polished 316 stainless steel
    Colour temperature .5000K (White)
    Cable Pre-wired with 0.5m of triple core marine cable
    Operating Voltage Multivolt 9-33V DC
    Degree of Protection IP67 - Completely Sealed
    High Power Consumption 18W (<1.5A@12V / <0.75A@24V
    Low Power Consumption 2W (<0.17A@12V / <0.08A@24V)
    Weight 450g (including cable)
    Light Output 1300 lumens (White)
    Approvals CE, RCM
    Manufactured in New Zealand
    Sea Hawk-XLR LED Spot (White) 9-33V
    2LT 980 740-211
    $327.71 EA (ex. GST)
    Sea Hawk-XLR LED Spot (Black) 9-33V
    2LT 980 740-201
    $327.71 EA (ex. GST)
    Sea Hawk-XLR LED Spread (White) 9-33V
    2LT 980 740-011
    $327.68 EA (ex. GST)
    Sea Hawk-XLR LED Spread (Black) 9-33V
    2LT 980 740-001
    $327.68 EA (ex. GST)