Sidewind Fender White with Lanyard

  • Sidewind Fender White with Lanyard


    The Sidewind Marine R-Series fenders are constructed using molded vertical ribs to enhance strength and minimise rolling.

    Each fender uses premium marine grade vinyl construction for superior durability.

    These fenders feature a pin-type valve and can be easily inflated using a standard sports pump.


    This 10mm white double braided nylon dock line is soft and easy to handle and offers great elasticity, good abrasion resistance and high strength.

    Breaking strain = 1,587kg.

    Fender Length (mm) Dia Ø (mm) Eye Dia Ø (mm)
    R10 410 115 12.7
    R20 507 140 16
    R30 585 165 19
    R40 685 215 33
    Sidewind R10 Fender White 410x115mm with Lanyard
    $24.32 EA (ex. GST)
    Sidewind R20 Fender White 507x140mm with Lanyard
    $29.36 EA (ex. GST)
    Sidewind R30 Fender White 585x165mm with Lanyard
    $41.24 EA (ex. GST)
    Sidewind R40 Fender White 685x215mm with Lanyard
    $59.91 EA (ex. GST)