Ultraflex MasterDrive Power Assisted Steering System

  • Ultraflex MasterDrive Power Assisted Steering System

    The MasterDrive power-assisted outboard steering system delivers fingertip control regardless of speed or torque conditions.

    Product Features:

    • Eliminates torque at the steering wheel
    • Three different selectable levels of power give the boater the desired feeling on the wheel (PATENTED)
    • Automatically reverts to manual mode in case of power loss
    • High efficiency, low Amp draw
    • The system always running permits immediate control in any sea conditions
    • Equipped with safety switch ON/OFF (SMART BUTTON)
    • Can be used on dual station installations
    • Suitable for use with autopilot
    • Low noise
    • Voltage: 12VDC
    • CE marked in conformity with ABYC P21, ISO 10592 safety standards
    • Ignition protected (SAEJ-1171 and UNI EN 28846)
    Ultraflex Masterdrive UC32-F Power Assisted Steering
    $4,476.10 EACH (ex. GST)
    Ultraflex Masterdrive UC40-F Power Assisted Steering
    $5,842.49 EACH (ex. GST)