Underwater Lights - 18 Watt

  • Underwater Lights - 18 Watt

    These surface mount underwater lights are made from non-corrosive and chemical resistant polymer which totally encapsulates the LED's and has an IP68 totally waterproof rating.

    The 6 x 3 watt Samsung LED's have a 50,000 hour life and an effective Lumen rating up to 710 lumen for the white light and 159 Lumen for the blue colour light.

    The light comes supplied with a rubber wiring grommet and gland with 1.5 metres of wiring and S/S fastening screws.

    Light Output Colour Lumen Volt Dimensions
    White 710 12v and 24v 162 x 63mm
    Blue 159 12v and 24v 162 x 63mm

    MUST be used underwater as these bright lights are water cooled.

    Underwater LED Light 6x3W - White
    $119.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Underwater LED Light 6x3W - Blue
    $119.00 EA (ex. GST)