Washdown Saltwater Pump - Hotshot 6.0

  • Washdown Saltwater Pump - Hotshot 6.0

    The Jabsco HOTSHOT series of automatic deckwash pumps offer high water flow and very high pressure to blast the deck, cockpit or fishing areas clean with ease. These robust 5 chamber diaphragm pumps have a sealed pressure switch, a patented injection moulded diaphragm and large heavy duty motor brushes which significantly extends the pump life by up to 50%.

    The HOTSHOT comes complete with strainer, plug-in ports and a powerful and accurate adjustable hose nozzle with USA garden hose adaptor connection to connect directly onto coiled Hose-Coil hoses (sold seperately).


    • Automatic operation at the squeeze of the trigger gun hoe nozzle provided
    • High capacity up to 22.7 litres per minute flow
    • High pressure up to 70 PSI for blasting anchors & fishing areas clean
    • Suitable for use with salt water
    • Sealed pressure switch and moulded diaphragm eliminates leak paths
    • Self priming up to 3 metres
    • 3 year limited warranty
    • Improved larger noise dampening rubber feet on the pump base
    • Larger and more efficient motor brushes for extended life
    • Large adjustable spray nozzle for powerful and accurate operation
    • Plug-in port pack of 4 x 20mm (3/4”) hose ports included
    • Plug-in pump strainer included
    • Large and powerful hose nozzle with USA garden thread adaptor included

    Note: Due to the high volume and high pressure of these Hotshot series pumps - they are NOT designed for direct hose connection to the pump outlet port. The ideal system is to use one of the optional fittings shown for permanently plumbed water supply and easy outlet hose connection.

    Other optional extras: Washdown connector fittings to quickly connect the deck wash pump supply and coiled delivery hose. Stainless connector or plastic connectors.

    Pump Hotshot Hotshot
    Pump Type Diaphram Diaphram
    Volts 12v 24v
    Amps 17 Amp max 17 Amp max
    Pressure 70 PSI 70 PSI
    Flow Rate 22.7Lpm (6 Gal) 22.7Lpm (6 Gal)
    Vertical Lift 3 meters 3 meters
    Hotshot Washdown 6.0 12v
    $519.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Hotshot Washdown 6.0 24v
    $539.00 EA (ex. GST)