ABL012 Antenna Base Rectangle Double Swivel

  • ABL012 Antenna Base Rectangle Double Swivel

    The GME marine antenna system features a compact double swivel base that provides flexible mounting options for VHF, 27 MHz, AIS and AM/FM antenna whips.

    The size and flexibility of the rectangular base enables assembly in either a single or double swivel configuration allowing flexible installation in even the most challenging situations.

    Utilising an integrated PL259 connection technique, the coaxial cable remains connected to the base rather than the antenna whip to permit installation or security removal of the whip in seconds.

    As well as having a colour-coded whip/base insert for easy identification, a splash proof cap is provided for connector protection when the whip is removed.

    Product Features:

    • Multipurpose mounting antenna base that suits all AW36XX antenna whips
    • Fast fit FME connectors with no soldering of plugs required
    • Colour-coded whip/base inserts
    • 5m white low loss coaxial cable included
    • Ground independent design
    ABL012 Antenna Base Rectangle Double Swivel White
    $59.00 EA (ex. GST)
    ABL012B Antenna Base Rectangle Double Swivel Black
    $59.00 EA (ex. GST)