AXIS Inflatable Life Jacket Servicing


JPW Marine Wholesale is now a fully licensed service centre for the AXIS inflatable life jackets. All inflatable life jackets and PFDs should be serviced at least once a year to ensure reliable operation. For further details, see

Please note that regardless of use, the UML automatic cartridge must be replaced every 3 years and the Hammar cartridge every 5 years.

Recreational Use

Jackets used for recreational purposes can be self-serviced by the owner yearly. Visit for full details on how to DIY. However, it's recommended that each jacket be serviced by an authorised service centre every third year.

Commercial or Professional Use

Jackets used commercially or for anything that involves reward (PFDs for hire), or under any regulation of Yachting Australia for racing, must be serviced yearly by an authorised service centre.

Getting Your PFD Serviced

If you're looking to have your AXIS inflatable life jacket/s serviced, you can simply drop them off at our Welshpool office:

JPW Marine Wholesale
64 Division Street
Western Australia 6106


Turn-around times will be dependent on how busy we are, and additional costs may be included for spare and replacement parts.

For further information, call JPW Marine on (08) 6253 3000.