Cable Steering Helm Non-Reversible - T73 T74

  • Cable Steering Helm Non-Reversible - T73 T74

    Ultraflex non-reversible steering helms. A special patented devise allows the helm shaft to lock until turned by the driver, maintaining the boat direction & neutralizing the feedback loads on the steering cable. This mechanism is engaged when the driver is not turning the wheel & is automatically disengaged as soon as the driver applies pressure on the wheel to change direction of the boat. The Ultraflex Non-Reversible mechanism designed for mechanical steering systems makes driving a boat safer & easier.

    Note: Not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the max hp rating. Boats faster than 50 mph the twin cable steering system T74NRFC is recommended. Uses M66 Ultraflex Cable.


    • Easy and safe steering, fast connect and simple installation.
    • Compact rotary helm unit, particularly suitable where clearance is limited.
    • Ideal for outboards and surfacing propellers.
    • Optional 90° or 20° mounting bezel, with a standard 3/4” tapered shaft.
    • Made exclusively with corrosion resistant materials.
    • Steering wheel turns approximately 3.8x lock to lock.
    • Compact for mounting with minimum feedback.
    • For boats exceeding 50mph, the twin cable steering system is recommended.
    • Uses M66 cable or SSC62 style cable.
    • Exceeds both EN 28848 and ABYC P17 safety standards.
    Type Max. Allowable Steering Wheel Dia (mm) Suitable for Engines
    T73NRFC Single Cable Steering Helm 406 25-225
    T74NRFC Dual Cable Steering Helm 406 25-225
    Single Cable Non-Reverse Helm ( T73NRFC )
    $244.30 EA (ex. GST)
    Dual Cable Non-Reverse Helm ( T74NRFC )
    $781.76 EA (ex. GST)