Cable Steering Helm - T71 T72

  • Cable Steering Helm - T71 T72

    Ultraflex T71 and T72FC fast connect cable steering helm.


    • Fast connect, simple installation.
    • Made from corrosion resistant materials.
    • Particularly suitable where clearance is limited.
    • Optional 90° or 20° mounting bezel.
    • Features a standard 3/4” tapered shaft.
    • Steering wheel turns approximately 3.8x from lock to lock.
    • Compact for mounting with minimum feedback.
    • For boats exceeding 50m/ph, the twin cable steering system T72FC is recommended.
    • Uses M66 cable or SSC62 cable (the T72FC helm requires two cables).
    • Exceeds both EN 28848 and ABYC P17 safety standards.
    Type Max. Allowable Steering Wheel Dia (mm) Suitable for Engines
    T71 FC Single Cable Steering Helm 406 25-225
    T72 FC Dual Cable Steering Helm 406 25-225
    Single Cable Helm Planetry (T71FC)
    $152.59 EA (ex. GST)
    Dual Cable Helm Planetry ( T72FC )
    $596.09 EA (ex. GST)