Deluxe Storage Hatch O/A 380x380mm

  • Deluxe Storage Hatch O/A 380x380mm

    These deluxe storage hatches from Nuova Rade of Italy are made from UV inhibited ASA material featuring reinforced construction, full 180 degree door opening and screw holes completely covered by the lid for an attractive flush finish. The low profile reinforced lid completely covers the mounting screw holes for an attractive, flush, non-skid finish.


    Overall size  :  380mm x 380mm
    Cut out size :   305mm x 305mm

    Double recessed handles.  Available in White or Grey.  Also available with lock or storage box fitted.

    A B C D H I
    380mm 380mm 275mm 275mm 305mm 305mm
    Hatch Storage - Deluxe 380mm White
    $89.40 EA (ex. GST)
    Hatch Storage - Deluxe 380mm Grey
    $89.40 EA (ex. GST)