Fender - Flat/Contour Padded Fender

  • Fender - Flat/Contour Padded Fender

    Flat/contour padded fenders are a great alternative to those round boat fenders that can roll upwards or get pushed aside.

    These flat fenders remain snug against your hull and the contoured model wraps vertically to protect smaller boat gunwales.

    Extremely durable and easier to stow than bulky traditional fenders, they won't slip when your boat's in the slip!

    These fenders are made with an expandable polyethylene covered in PVC plastic cloth so they will protect your boat while protecting themselves from the harsh marine environment.

    Style Length Width Height
    Flat : 660mm 165mm 64mm
    Contour : 610mm 165mm 64mm
    Flat Padded Fender 660x165mm White
    $26.09 EA (ex. GST)
    Contour Padded Fender 610x165mm White
    $25.58 EA (ex. GST)