Float Buoys - Inflatable Orange

  • Float Buoys - Inflatable Orange

    **We recommend using the Majoni Fender Bike Pump Adaptor (Sold Separately) with this product**

    Bright orange inflatable floats made from UV resistant PVC. Complete with a solid eye and a brass inflation valve.

    Ideal as a general purpose float or marker buoy or for marking ski lanes, rowing lanes etc.

    Marker Buoys Sizes:

    150mm diameter x 200mm length
    210mm diameter x 280mm length
    260mm diameter x 360mm length

    Float - Inflatable Orange 150mm
    $16.45 EA (ex. GST)
    Float - Inflatable Orange 210mm
    $24.45 EA (ex. GST)
    Float - Inflatable Orange 260mm
    $31.65 EA (ex. GST)