GME MT600 Epirb 406MHz Manual Activation

  • GME MT600 Epirb 406MHz Manual Activation JPW88202 MT600AUS

    The GME MT600AUS is a compact and lightweight EPIRB features an automatically deployed antenna and is easy to install on any vessel using a specially designed quick release mounting bracket.

    The MT600 features zero warm-up digital technology and an automatically deployed antenna so it can get up and running immediately in the event of an ermegency.

    And testing the MT600 is fast and easy; all you have to do is simply remove the beacon from its bracket, press the test button and the full functionality of the beacon is tested and confirmed.

    Certified by COSPAS SARSAT for worldwide usage, and boasting a 10 year battery life, the MT600 represents great value for peace of mind boating.

    Product Features:

    • Compact, lightweight, easy-to-mount design
    • Internationally approved, worldwide operation
    • Meets or exceeds the applicable requirements of: AS/NZ 4280.1:2003 standards C/S T.001/007
    • 121.5MHz VHF homing beacon to assist in guiding rescuers to your precise location
    • Includes quick release mounting bracket
    • Zero warm-up digital technology
    • Antenna deploys automatically when the unit is removed from the bracket
    • Ultra high performance solid state strobe
    • 10 year battery life
    • Quick and easy test facility with audio / visual indication

    With its 66-channel GPS receiver and top mounted Quad helix antenna to make locating the beacon faster and more accurate, the GME MT600G EPIRB is great for commercial and recreational mariners alike.

    • Dangerous Goods
    $249.00 EA (ex. GST)