Hatch Latch - Square S/Steel

  • Hatch Latch - Square S/Steel

    Heavy duty cast 316 grade stainless steel latches. Ideal for floor mounted hatches. Spring loaded camlock anti-rattle design. Tee handle grip twists the plate to open the hatch. This latch allows opening from the inside for safety purposes. 2 sizes are available. Lock kits are available to lock the latches.

    Hatch Latch 1 - Small
    Outside dia 77x63mm
    Hole cut-out 69x55mm
    Deck thickness To 25mm

    Hatch Latch 2 - Large
    Outside dia 97x80mm
    Hole cut-out 83x70mm
    Deck thickness To 25mm

    Size  Dimensions Cut-out Thickness
    Small 77x63mm 69x55mm 25mm
    Large 97x80mm 83x70mm 25mm
    Square Hatch Latch - S/S 77x63mm
    $89.90 EA (ex. GST)
    Square Hatch Latch - S/S 97x80mm
    $138.60 EA (ex. GST)