Hydraulic Hose Kits (OB-2C-SVS)

  • Hydraulic Hose Kits (OB-2C-SVS)

    • Two high pressure Kevlar standard flexible hoses with pre-crimped fittings and bend restrictors on both ends
    • Recommended for use with all Ultralflex SilverSteer helms with 1500psi relief valves
    • Recommended for use with the R9 - bulkhead kit for dual hose applications
    Hose Kit OB-2C-SVS-07 0.7mtr (Pr)
    $253.00 PR (ex. GST)
    Hose Kit OB-2C-SVS-09 0.9mtr (Pr)
    $262.90 PR (ex. GST)
    Hose Kit OB-2C-SVS-12 1.2mtr (Pr)
    $278.30 PR (ex. GST)