In-Line Non Return Valve

  • In-Line Non Return Valve

    In-line non-return valves fit to suction hose to aid priming and prevent backflow of water into the bilge. Corrosion resistant polypropylene with stainless steel hardware. 3 sizes.

    Install on both manual and electric toilet systems, where the toilet is a long way from the water inlet to ensure rapid toilet pump priming.


    • Aids pump priming, prevents backflow from pump into bilge
    • Fits into pump suction line
    • Robust plastic construction with nitrile rubber valve
    • Adjustable port configuration for convenient hose angle

    Connection Hose Sizes:

    Connections: - for 19mm (3/4") bore hose
    Connections: - for 25mm (1”) bore hose
    Connections: - for 38mm (1½”) bore hose

    Jabsco Part Number:

    29295-1011 - 19mm bore hose
    29295-1000 - 25mm bore hose
    29295-1010 - 38mm bore hose

    In-Line Non Return Valve 20mm Hose
    $51.90 EA (ex. GST)
    In-Line Non Return Valve 25mm Hose
    $51.90 EA (ex. GST)
    In-Line Non Return Valve 38mm Hose
    $51.90 EA (ex. GST)