Instant Black Streak Remover 650ml

  • Instant Black Streak Remover 650ml JPW7956 71622

    Star Brite Black Streak Remover eliminates black streaks and grime from fiberglass, metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl or painted surfaces.

    In addition to being the best way to get rid of black streaks, this product is a great all-around cleaner for all marine surfaces and around the house.

    Product Features:

    • Quickly removes black streaks caused by water run off.
    • Safe for use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces.
    • Will not remove wax or polish.
    • Spray directly onto black streaks and wipe off; no hard scrubbing needed
    • Hundreds of uses; will instantly remove stains and marks on boats, cars, caravans and around the house


    1. Shake bottle before using then spray the streak remover directly on the stained area.
    2. Let application soak in for 30 seconds before using a clean cloth, brush or sponge to wipe away stain. Rinse well with water.
    3. Severely stained surfaces may require a second treatment and light scrubbing. 
    $24.62 BTL (ex. GST)