Lalizas LED Life Jacket Light Safelite 2

  • Lalizas LED Life Jacket Light Safelite 2 RWB8701

    The Safelight 2 is a fully SOLAS approved LED Lifejacket light that features a long-lasting lithium battery and extremely compact size.

    Product Features:

    • SOLAS certified LSA code
    • Very economically priced lifejacket light
    • Auto-On automatically activates in water
    • Functions only when in water
    • Manual-Off (in-water function only) can be turned off when in use in-water to save the battery
    • Manual-On (in-water function only) can be switched on again manually when in water
    • Powerful bright LED light technology for low power consumption giving longer battery life in-water
    • Lithium battery with 5 years life from date and 8 hour life when in use in water
    • Waterproof ultrasonically welded and sunk in epoxy resin
    • Very compact (37 x 23 x 26mm) and very lightweight
    • Can be used with all inflatable or foam life jackets
    • Quick and easy fitting to 20-40mm dia. jacket webbing
    $34.95 EA (ex. GST)