Lalizas Standard Sea Anchors

  • Lalizas Standard Sea Anchors

    Sea anchors are an essential piece of safety equipment on a boat, used to slow down when facing strong winds or heavy seas and also to ensure it turns to head to avoid broaching.

    They reduce drift, acting like a break when fishing offshore or just resting in waters too deep to consider a normal anchor. Made from tough PVC material reinforced with webbing for additional strength.

    The anchor rope should be five times the boat length for best results. Four diameter sizes to suit average boats up to 9 metres length in average conditions. Folds up for easy stowage.

    Anchor Length Boat Size
    500m (20") Suits boats to 4.5 Mtr (15ft) in length
    650mm (26") Suits boats to 6 Mtr (20ft) in length
    1.25 Mtr (50") Suits boats to 7.5 Mtr (25ft) in length
    1.35 Mtr (54") Suits boats to 9 Mtr (30ft) in length
    Sea Anchor Lalizas 500mm
    $22.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Sea Anchor Lalizas 650mm
    $27.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Sea Anchor Lalizas 1.25M
    $37.65 EA (ex. GST)
    Sea Anchor Lalizas 1.35M
    $52.80 EA (ex. GST)