MO45 MINI MOJO Deluxe MK2 Boat Seat

  • MO45 MINI MOJO Deluxe MK2 Boat Seat

    This heavy-duty Deluxe Boat Seat is designed with comfort and simplicity in mind. With a rotationally moulded base and back rest for optimum support, and sturdy aluminium arm rests, this chair is well padded and features UV-resistant vinyl and stitching for maximum durability.

    The compact frame of this Deluxe Boat Seat makes it particularly suited to medium-sized boats with limited space.

    Available in three colour variations, this chair is compatible with any standard 7” x 7” swivel or slide.


    • Anodised aluminium and stainless-steel frame
    • Heavily padded for maximum comfort
    • Sturdy back and arm supports
    • UV-resistant marine vinyl upholstery and heavy-duty stitching
    • Compatible with all standard 7” x 7” swivel and slide mounts
    • High-impact, rotationally moulded frame which is both lightweight and durable


    • Total height – 580mm
    • Total length – 620mm
    • Total spinning diameter – 700mm
    • Seat length – 440mm
    • Seat and back width – 450mm
    • Oversize Product
    MO45 MINI MOJO MK2 White Boat Seat
    $452.98 EA (ex. GST)
    MO45 MINI MOJO MK2 Dark Blue Carbon/White Boat Seat
    $452.98 EA (ex. GST)
    MO45 MINI MOJO MK2 Dark Grey/Light Grey Boat Seat
    $452.98 EA (ex. GST)