Mooring Springers

  • Mooring Springers

    These heavy duty rubber mooring springers are ideal to reduce jarring and cushion your boats shock load. Simply weave your mooring rope through all the holes in the mooring spring making sure that the rope enters and exits the spring via the scalloped cut-outs on either end of the spring. For larger boats the springs can be banked two to three in-line to increase the elasticity of the mooring line. Supplied hang packed with full instructions for use. The maximum load is approximately equal to the breaking strain of your mooring rope. 2 sizes available.

    • 220mm x 40mm
      Suits rope size 8 - 14mm.
      This spring extends the line length approx 150mm at 100 Kg load
    • 330mm x 50mm
      Suits rope size 12 - 18mm.
      This spring extends the line length approx 200mm at 100 Kg load.
    Mooring Spring 220mm
    $24.95 EA (ex. GST)
    Mooring Spring 330mm
    $43.75 EA (ex. GST)