NavLight LED 12M Tri-Colour Light

  • NavLight LED 12M Tri-Colour Light

    Combined port, starboard & stern light all in the one very compact housing with a flat base for horizontal mounting.

    Approved to 12 metre boats, the port and starboard lights provide one nautical mile of visible distance, while the stern provides two nautical miles.

    Product Features:

    • 12 volt DC only
    • 1.5 watt
    • Dimensions - 60mm width x 40mm height
    • Visible distance - 1 nautical mile (port and starboard), 2 nautical miles (stern)
    NavLight LED 12M Black Tri-Colour Light
    $114.80 EA (ex. GST)
    NavLight LED 12M White Tri-Colour Light
    $114.80 EA (ex. GST)