Oil Change System Kit

  • Oil Change System Kit

    A completely self contained permanently mounted kit to change engine and transmission oil on board. The Jabsco oil change system consists of a robust self priming flexible impeller pump mounted to an easy to install base with cover and coupled to a five port manifold, factory fitted with three x 12mm full flow ball valves.

    The system should be installed in the vessels engine room permanently plumbed to the engines oil pans or transmission oil sump. The five port manifold allows an additional two ball valves to be fitted, if desired, to drain up to five oil reservoirs. The system can be used to remove the old oil and then by using the integral reversing switch, pump a measured amount of new oil back into the engine or transmission.

    The system includes a hinged cover for easy accessibility and an added safety measures is that the valve cover will not close after an oil change unless all valves are securely closed.

    Total size : length 276mm Width 260mm Height 159mm

    12 volt oil change kit Jabsco 17820-0012
    24 volt oil change kit Jabsco 17820-0024

    Oil Change System 12v
    $1,239.00 SET (ex. GST)
    Oil Change System 24v
    $1,239.00 SET (ex. GST)