Pocket Remote Controler - Quick

  • Pocket Remote Controler - Quick

    Pocket transmitter used to control your vessels anchor winch or bow thruster from anywhere on your vessel. Giving you the flexibility to step away from the confines of the helm for a better view when docking or have someone else in control.

    • Microcontroller-operated functions.
    • FSK modulation and carrier frequency 434.420Mhz.
    • Operating temperatures from -15°C to +70°C.
    • Possibility to control more receivers with one transmitter.
    • Two functions can be activated at the same time.
    • Floating.
    Models PW4 PT4
    Carrier frequency 434.420 Mhz
    Modulation FSK
    Number of keys 4 4
    Power supply CR2450 3V litio alcaline-battery
    Operating temperature -15° C +70° C
    Weight 34g (0,07 lb)
    Pocket Transmitter PT4 - (L-R-L-R-Thrst)
    $223.30 EA (ex. GST)
    Pocket Transmitter PW4 - (UpDwn-L-R-Thrst)
    $223.30 EA (ex. GST)