Quiet Flush Electric Toilet - Fresh Water Flush 12v

  • Quiet Flush Electric Toilet - Fresh Water Flush 12v

    Quiet Flush marine toilets electric toilet systems utilise the boats existing fresh water pressure pump, which must be capable of a flow rate of 13.5 litres per minute or more.

    The fresh water kit includes a solenoid valve and siphon breaker assembly to prevent any backflow from the toilet to the fresh water system. 

    Fresh water flush is more ideal, as long as your fresh water pump is large enough and your fresh water tanks are large enough to accommodate the additional usage.

    Its powerful macerator discharge pump breaks up waste and evacuates the toilet and its modern three-way control panel lets you select a normal flush, drain cycle or adjust the water level.

    Every toilet has connections for 20mm (3/4") intake hose and 25mm (1") and 38mm (1 1/2") outlet hose and includes two metres of white hose to connect the solenoid valve or salt water intake pump.

    Other features include a contoured base, motor cover, fastening covers and stylish white enameled wood seat & lid for easy cleaning and sleek appearance.

    Compact models come with a smaller china marine bowl while the larger models feature a houseld style bowl for added comfort.

    Product Features:

    • Connections: - for 19mm ( ¾”) bore inlet hose, 25mm (1“) bore discharge hose
    • Compact bowl dimensions (mm) - 350  x 350  x 450 
    • Large bowl dimensions (mm) - 370  x 370 x 500 
    • Fuse size - 25 amp
    • Low-noise waste discharge pump
    • Use any remote-mounted automatic pressurised water pump for flushing.
    • Pump must deliver at least 13.5 litres/minute.
    • Includes solenoid valve to control flushing pump, 1.8m of hose, siphon breaker assembly
    • Three-way control panel
    • Packaged dimensions: L:44.00 x H:42.00 x W:56.00cm
    • Actual weight: 15.00 Kg (Approx. 17.00 Kg packed)
    Jabsco 37045-0092 - Compact Bowl 12v
    Jabsco 37045-1092 - Large Bowl 12v
    Toilet -QF Std 12v Fresh - 37045-0092
    $1,299.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Toilet -QF Lge 12v Fresh - 37045-1092
    $1,299.00 EA (ex. GST)