R9 Through Outboard Well Bulkhead Hose Kits

  • R9 Through Outboard Well Bulkhead Hose Kits

    • Suitable for fibreglass, polyethylene and aluminium boats
    • Reduces risk of corrosion on aluminium boats caused from chrome fittings touching aluminium and paintwork
    • Reduces installation time
    • 3/8" BSP to suit all standard hydraulic nut and olives
    • Chrome plated brass threaded fittings, ABS plastic flange supplied with 4x stainless steel counter sunk self tapping screws
    Type Suits Colour
    R9B For Dual Hose Black
    R9W For Dual Hose White
    R9CH For Dual Hose Chrome
    Bulkhead Kit R9B - Black Flange
    $135.23 KIT (ex. GST)
    Bulkhead Kit R9W - White Flange
    $135.23 KIT (ex. GST)
    Bulkhead Kit R9CH - Chrome Flange
    $145.06 KIT (ex. GST)